Heterogeneous Communication

Multiple short range wireless communication technologies support using a simple communication protocol.

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Intelligent Gateways

High re-configurable devices used to control cyber-physical objects.

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Lightweight subset of the SOA architecture pattern, being used by large companies to support and scale their applications and products.

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Custom Applications

Easy-to-deploy mechanism for creating applications according to user needs.

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Ambient monitoring

Control home devices, monitor natural phenomema.

Daily activity monitoring

Monitor and identify everyday life activities of patients.



Define virtual boundaries and monitor objects. Trigger alerts when objects enter or exit from defined boundaries.

Affective monitoring

Process collected data and handle in real-time events produced from physical objects.


Web based administration interface.


Web Interface

ATLAS web interface offer controlling and monitoring features to end users, such as Real-time monitoring of ATLAS network , on demand real-time sensors measurements, configuration and administration capabilities.

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ATLAS CPS Network Architecture

Heterogeneous WSN

ATLAS support the most prominent short range wireless communication technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, Bluetooth , BLE, while currently, the support of Z-Wave protocol is ongoing.

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ATLAS is able to support a wide variety of applications ranging from energy management to ambient control, to geofencing and even affective monitoring, requiring the handling of complex behavioral and emotional models by the platform.

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